iPhone 3Gs – Photographers’ new best friend ?

On June 8th, 2009, Apple announced the newest member of the iPhone family, the iPhone 3Gs. You can checkout all the new features here. However I will focus on the improvement of the camera system on it.

Notice I used the term “camera system”. Not only the camera sensor itself is upgraded (from 2MP to 3MP), the new camera now has auto-focus and auto white balance. But the most amazing new feature is called “Tap to focus”. When you are framing a photo on the iPhone, you can tap on any place within the picture and the auto-focus system will focus on that point, instead of the default AF position.  This is an incredibly cool feature, and quite useful for phone cameras, because focusing from a camera phone is usually a hit or miss proposition. You can even use this feature to do some foreground / background wide angle composition with the foreground subject off to the side.

With this special focusing capability, combines with the rest of iPhone’s features (Map, GPS, Internet connectivity, thousands of 3rd party apps). This could be the best reportage camera for a 21st century photographer.

(After the original draft of this post, Fujifilm announced Finepix Z300 which has the same focusing feature.)


~ by Clarence on June 18, 2009.

One Response to “iPhone 3Gs – Photographers’ new best friend ?”

  1. Thanks for the information, I’m an Apple geek at heart so I’ll think I’ll be buying iPhone’s for the next while!

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