Less is more

For those who start photography during the film / manual camera age, life is so much simpler. Find a subject, look at the light, frame the picture, determine the exposure, focus and shoot.

Now in the digital age, you also need to think about ISO (Your choice of film used to determine that), JPEG or RAW (There is only *one* output format), different advance feature on the lens (Image Stabilization), post-process plan (HDR / multiple shot panoramic / Composite). Sometimes you feel like you are trying launch the Space Shuttle instead of shooting a family portrait !

This is why a lot of times the camera I go to for my walk around shot is my D40x with a 30mm prime lens. The simple prime lens eliminates the option of focal length, and with the camera set to a constant ISO 400, no more worry about sensitivity. With this camera setup I can get back to the fundamentals of photography (Subject / Frame / Exposure). There is a certain Zen feeling to reduce any activity to its simplest form. When I am taking this camera setup out for a shoot, it is very easy for my mind to get to that very focus, very quiet state which is conducive to my photography.


~ by Clarence on May 10, 2009.

One Response to “Less is more”

  1. What (if any) photo editing software do you use? I started out with this concept of being a “purist”, i.e., trying to capture the shot perfectly with just the camera settings, until a friend pointed out that the camera settings were already altering digitally what my natural eye was seeing. So now I use editing software (Light Zone) to either 1) restore a shot to what my natural eye saw, or 2) create cool effects for my abstracts.

    Your thoughts or position on this?


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