A walk around camera

What do you bring when you go out for a walk and need a simple camera to shoot random street / cityscape / landscape?

For me,  I keep a Nikon D40x camera with me pretty much all the time. And this camera almost always has a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens on it. To me this is as close to a rangefinder-with-a-50mm setup as you can get in a DSLR.

The D40x is not the last word in DSLR, even from within Nikon’s lineup, and Sigma lens is hardly the sharpest prime I have ever used. But when these two combine, the size of it is very appealing to me and makes the argument of taking it with me everyday much stronger. Also shooting with a simple prime lens, which limits my options, actually induces more creativity from me. (I will probably write about my theory of “Limitation = More Creativity” in another post.)

Old time photographers used to say : “f/8 and be there”. What this means is that the equipment is not the most important factor in taking a picture, having a camera with you, and being out there, is.

I have nothing against getting better/bigger/faster equipment. When I am doing a photo shoot or while traveling. I always use my primary camera (a Nikon D300). But lugging a D300 with big zoom lens around isn’t fun when you just want to walk around town, especially if you are shooting everyday. I also have a certain arrogant view that if you can’t do well on street photography with a simple prime lens, you can’t do it with any setup.


~ by Clarence on May 10, 2009.

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