The skills you have, and the goals you chase

I am trained as a software developer by education, and a photographer through years of being an amateur

Past generations usually will stay with the trade/career they are trained for throughout their whole life. However this is a rather limiting view of one’s career path, and quite inflexible for the 21th century economy.

If you want to be a startup entrepreneur you needs to know tech (obviously), project management, finance, marketing, sales, customer management, and motivation coach. I don’t think there is a computer science or business college program in the world that will teach all those subjects. In the same vein nowadays journalist needs to write, shoot (photos and videos), marketing and community moderator (For website forum comments/twitter/friendfeed followers).

In this economy it is more than likely people will switch career to completely unrelated fields, even several times. You cannot acquire all the skills required in school, or even anticipate the need of those skills.

When I was studying computer science in college, I would never imagine one day I will seriously consider leaving the tech industry and go full-time as a photographer. Yet that faithful day when I first pick up that Nikon F65, my career path has made a big detour even without me knowing it. For the next several years it was just a constant shoot-view-learn-study to educate myself in all things photography. My computer science degree never prepares me for this, and my then software development job did not facilitate it, yet that never deter me from pursuing this interests.

A willingness to learn, and the ability to learn, are probably the only two skills we all need.


~ by Clarence on April 27, 2009.

One Response to “The skills you have, and the goals you chase”

  1. I completely agree. The key to success is learning. It is also the key to maintaining a healthy brain. I engineer and estimate mechanical equipment for the corrugated industry. My last job position was a baker.

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