A Good Location

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I have spent the past two weekends walking around the older part of Hong Kong (Central, Soho, Sheung Wan) to find some cool locations for my shoot.

Turns out finding a good location for a portrait shoot is no different than shooting any other type of photos.

You need an interesting, but not busy, background, some eye-catching color, and if there is some interesting architecture (as simple as door arch) that is even better. One thing I am particularly looking for is non-busy street. As I am still learning portrait shooting, more pedestrians watching me working is just going to put more pressure on me.

Next step: think about theme and poses.


Location location location

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Having gone through Joe McNally’s photo/lighting workshop recently has ignited my interest of doing more portraits with small strobe lighting. I have limited my photography with too much available light.

I have just got a friend who agrees to pose for me for a portrait session. So I will be walking around town in the next two weeks to find some nice location.

Will talk about my criteria for a shooting location in another post.

The view up here

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Half way down from the summit of Mount Kinabalu to look over Laban Rata. The view is pretty spectacular up here. Could use some more oxygen though …

A clear day

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A clear day

Road to Full Frame

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One of the photo-related goals I have for 2010 is to slowly migrate to full frame cameras. So obviously for a Nikon shooter I am looking at D700/D3s/D3x. D3x is pretty much out of the question as it is way too expensive, plus I have no need for the extra resolution and don’t want to compromise my shooting and processing speed. As for D3/D3s, I am too used to the non-integrated vertical grip cameras ever since I started using my D300. So that only left the D700.

It is widely expected that there will be an upgrade soon to the current D700, a D700s if you will, that has the new D3s sensor in it. Also it is to be expected the high-res D3x sensor will find a way into a D700 (D700x ?) body as well. Since PMA is just around the corner, I bet there will be announcement real soon now.

On the other hand, I have noticed that there are quite a few D700 on the used market with excellent price, some of them even are still in warranty. So my plan is to get a 2nd hand D700 now, and a D700s later when it is available. That way I will have a primary camera with another full frame camera as backup.

In an upcoming post I will talk about my lens strategy towards full frame.


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Well wishes all around and let’s hope in the new year everyone will be very productive photographically !

Barcelona, Spain

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Passig de Garcia - Clarence Chiang Photography

Back from my trip to Spain … it is such a lovely place. Perfect weather to visit this time of the year too.